Serial Number Length:

  • T-1000: 6 digits (beginning numbers vary)
  • OptiMail 30: 7 digits, beginning with 418 or 419
  • MyMail: 7 digits, beginning with 218
  • UltiMail: 7 digits, beginning with 230, 231, 319, or 330
  • CentorMail: 7 digits, beginning with 518
  • PostBase 20/30/45/65/85: 8 digits, beginning with 618
  • PostBase Mini: 8 digits, beginning with 718

Choose one of the four methods below to find your meter's serial number.

Method 1 (PostBase Only): Touch Screen Menu

Applies to PostBase and PostBase Mini.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Press the System Information button
  3. Scroll down to Postal Serial Number (starts with 618____)

Method 2: Zero-Postage Imprint

Applies to all meters..

Manually print $0.00 postage on an envelope or label. The serial number appears below the date line as shown below.

IMPORTANT! Only use the highlighted portion as shown below (see Serial Number Length above for number of digits your meter has).

Postage Meter Serial Number on Postage Imprint

Method 3: Label on Bottom

Applies to all meters except PostBase and PostBase Mini.

All meters except PostBase ship with a label on the bottom with a 6 or 7-digit serial number.

If the label is damaged or missing, use Method 2 or 4.

Method 4: R-PIN/Welcome Letter

Applies to all meters.

Find your Customer ID Number and your meter Serial Number in the welcome letter sent to all new customers.



Method 5: Shipment Packing List